Piedmont, CA Pickleball


Piedmont, CA Pickleball welcomes players of all levels to enjoy open play -- no reservations required.


Refer to the Google calendar for updated open play times at Linda Beach, Hampton, and Piedmont Middle School.

Piedmont Pickleball Communications (Google Group & What's App)

Linda Beach Pickleball Calendar

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Piedmont Pickleball Open Play Calendar - PMS and Hampton

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Code of Conduct


Piedmont pickleball players have worked hard to create a fun, welcoming environment for players of all levels. Our Code of Conduct asks that every player: 


Players violating this Code of Conduct will be given one warning. A second, or severe, violation will result in suspension from play. The term of the suspension will be determined by the Piedmont Pickleball Committee in conjunction with the Piedmont Recreation Department.

Court Usage

All Piedmont pickleball locations are open play. No reservations. Play one game and then let the next group on. Waiting players rotate in if signed up with less than 4 in their box.

A whiteboard, divided into squares, tracks the order of play. Go onto an open court when your group's square comes up.

Sign up with players of your choice and/or skill level. We have markers in three colors: